My name is Joyce and I am a married, homeschooling mother of three.  In what turned out to be a REALLY, REALLY good decision, I converted to the Catholic Church in 1993 and still have the enthusiasm and heart of a convert.  My family moved to west central Wisconsin in 2007 and I immediately started looking around the area to see what Catholic life was like here.  Shortly after that time, my techno-incompetence met free-google-website.  It was a great way to remember and store all the stuff I was learning about the area.

The West Central Wisconsin Catholic website is meant to be like a reference book or directory.  It isn't for teaching the faith but for connecting locals to Catholic stuff that, hopefully, they can get excited about.  That said, if you ever see anything here that contradicts the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, please bring it to my attention so it can be corrected or removed.

The stuff you see at this site is stuff that interests me.  If there is something that interests you that isn't included, please feel free to send me an event announcement, an article, a picture, a poem, whatever.  Submissions are welcome from any age on any local Catholic topic.
Photo: This is how we in Wisconsin "walk on water." Frozen lakes.

You can reach me at wcwcatholic@gmail.com.
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