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A Report on Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day was born in New York in 1897.  She spent most of her childhood in Chicago.  Later in life she got a scholarship to the University of Illinois.  She dropped out of college to become a reporter.  Then she went to jail for protesting women's rights in front of the White House.  She got out of jail by going on a hunger strike.  After reading books by Tolstoy and Upton Sinclair her concern deepened for the suffering of the poor.
Dorothy became a Catholic.  In 1933 [Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin] began the Catholic Worker Movement.  That founded a number of hosptality houses to serve the homeless.  It published it's own newspaper.  Dorothy died on November 29, 1980, and is still waiting for a second miracle so she can become a full saint.
I think the beatitude that Dorothy Day lived by was "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied."  Throughout her life she had wanted everything to be fair and just.  She had protested for women's rights, worker's rights, and against war.  She also built a movement that helped homeless people because she felt strongly about it. 
Excerpts from Brianna's 6th grade report on Dorothy Day, reprinted by permission. 
Thanks, Brianna!