Culture of Life - Menomonie (pronounced "column")

CoL-M is produced and distributed by Joyce Uhlir, under the name West Central Wisconsin Catholic and aims to be a newsletter dedicated to building the Culture of Life in and around the City of Menomonie, WI. Presented is an outlook that is conservative, although not necessarily Republican, and is intended/hoped to be 100% in keeping with and accountable to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  Unless otherwise stated, everything contained in this newsletter was written by wcwcatholic and does not speak for or represent any other person or organization. 

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CoL-M Number 1 -  The CCHD and CRS Edition 
CoL-M Number 2 - Indigenous People's Day Edition
CoL-M Number 3 - The Catholic Yoga Edition
CoL-M Number 4 - Not the Amazon Synod Edition
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