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Church Crisis Info and Resources

This page will hopefully be continually revised and added to. This is what I have so far.

TM -

11/22/19 - TM - 333: Should you Donate to Catholic Bishops, CCHD, CRS? - Guest Michael Hitchborn from Lepanto Institute. Hitchborn goes into extensive detail about the problematic organizations that are funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Not so much on what you should do with your money instead.

11/12/19 - TM - 331: What is Nouvelle théologie? Beware of Priests in Neckties! (Rahner, Küng, De Lubac) Nouvelle theologie is the religious idea and philosophy that brought us Vatican II and much of what we see today in the Church. This video/podcast explains what it is, the history of its development, key figures and its result.