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Number 3 - September 9, 2019


The Catholic Yoga Edition



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Yoga Links: 


Richikesh Yogpeeth Yoga School, India

 Soulcore Rosary Yoga

 Parishable Items Blog - Fr. Victor Feltes

 Yoga: a cautionary tale

 The Practice of Yoga is Not Catholic: A Reminder from the Church in India

Bonus quote and link:

“The practitioners of yoga . . . make it very clear that the stretching and positions of yoga are actual representations of Eastern deities. . . It says more than once in the Old Testament and the New Testament that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons. It is totally true. Basically what they are is representations of demons. I have seen people become possessed through practicing yoga. . . . This is what the ‘thing’ is in its representation. Objectively speaking it is an open door. I tell people to avoid it.” -- Exorcist, Father Chad Ripperger

(see the short video from which quote was taken at this website)

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