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Number 4 - October 2, 2019


Not the Amazon Synod Edition



CoL-M04 - High quality

CoL-M04 - Standard quality


Walmart Boycott:

American Family Association - Walmart launches gay dating ad

AFA May 10 Update

Church Militant - Walmart selling Satanic Paraphernalia

Father Chad Ripperger on Baphomet at 37:35 as the demon of child sacrifice


Walmart Corporate Address (this was crazy hard to find)
702 SW Eighth St
Bentonville, AR 72716
Customer Service 1-800-925-6278


Resolution pdf

9/9/2019 SDMA School Board Meeting video - discussion begins at 33 minutes

Menomonie Area District Report Card 2017-18 Summary pdf (November 13, 2018)

"District Information" box says total number of students enrolled K4-12 was 3,372 and that the percent "American Indian or Alaskan Native" was 0.3% = about 10 students.

All Saints Day Party Ideas:

Catholic Icing - this gal is the total QUEEN of planning All Saints Day parties

WCWCatholic's All Saints Day pages - some of the videos are intense so please prewatch before showing your children.

Another interesting local source is Illuminated Ink. They are a Catholic homeschool family in Colfax. They have huge coloring posters and some craft kits that may give you some ideas.

How to Follow the Amazon Synod:

If you really want to know what is going on, for the best news coverage, VERY accurate, VERY faithful:

For intellectual, theological, lengthy, manly commentary: Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon "TnT" videos

Wanting just to keep it light with reasonable accuracy and a non-challenging tone?: EWTN News Nightly

And anything by Edward Pentin is highly trustworthy and faithful.



So this was a bad issue to include the saints costume of Mary holding/possibly nursing a stuffed duck representing Jesus. At one of the Catholic Churches in Rome during the synod there was a display which included a picture of a woman nursing a human baby on one breast and an animal (dog? weasel?) on the other. This has been a source of scandal among synod-watchers. I apologize for the timing.

Taylor Marshall (TnT): Amazon Paganism in Rome, and Pope Francis (and Dog Photo)

Taylor Marshall: Dog Nursing Story and Cardinals in Rome with George Neumayr

And regarding Walmart, isn't it ironic that by choosing to shop at Walmart instead of Amazon that in a way I am "buying local?"