Fun and Games

Jeff Gardner cheating against himself in a game of chess. (Photo credit: Jeff Gardner)

WCWCatholic Challenges for You!

Can you name that saint? Try your hand at making an All Saints Day costume using only paper towels and masking tape. If you like the results, send in your pictures to

What can you make a nativity scene from that you have lying around your house? Submit your pictures to

You think you and your friends could do better?  Try to get everyone in the air at the same time.  Bonus points for looking cool while airborne.  Send your best shots to 

Ten Plagues of Egypt
(submitted silliness)

Guardian Angel Cartoons 
Check out the work of Minnesotan Louis Hall.  The following pictures are a small sample of his work (my personal faves), reprinted by permission.  See more and if you like it, buy his book at