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All Saints Day vs Trick or Treating

      Despite how different you may think the All Saints' Day party, and Trick-or-Treating sound, they do have a few similarities. 

      For one thing, they both are on Halloween night. All Saints' Day is the day after Halloween, but the party is on Halloween. And unfortunately, they are both at the same time, so you can't do both. But the All Saints' Day party is inside, where as trick-or-treating is outside. All Saints Day party is inside, so that we can play games and such. The games are all saint related, hence the name. Speaking of names, “Halloween” actually means All Hallow's Eve (or the eve of All Saints' Day)!

      You get sweets at either event, although in different ways. At the party, you play games at booths in order to get candy, unless you are a helper. In that case, you run the games and many sneak candy. Volunteers are given a candy bag at the end of the night.At the All Saints' Day party, there is also a cake walk. People who are coming bake the cakes for the cake walk, they are not bought. Obviously, trick-or-treating doesn't have a cake walk. If you go Trick-or-Treating, you simply go door-to-door saying “trick or treat!” although it is always treat, and they give you candy. Sometimes trick-or-treating, you also get bags of popcorn.

      While you dress up for both events, you can dress as anything when you trick-or- treat, but if you go to the All Saints' Day party, you can only go as a Saint, save toddlers and babies, who can go as either a Saint or an animal from the ark. Also, when you go trick-or-treating, you can walk and talk with the people you go with, but at the party, you can hang out, and talk, and eat, etc.
     Although very different in some ways, I believe, that all in all the All Saints' Day party, and trick-or-treating are quite the same in other ways. Candy, costumes, friends, fun, I love October 31st!
Thanks to Mia, age 13, for this great essay!

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1)  We bless animals on this saint's feast day.

2)  The patron saint of music.

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5)  This apostle and gospel writer's symbol is the eagle.