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Nativity Challenge

What can you make a nativity scene from that you have lying around your house? Submit your pictures to

Your Pictures

Wooden clothespins, pipe cleaners and a mystery orange object (I think it is a balloon) were used to make this nativity.  Notice the angel standing on the chimney.

This pipe cleaner nativity features: (left to right) a dog, an out-building, a lizard, some snakes, a very small sheep, some magi gifts and, of course, the Holy Family.  The stable is made of woven brown pipe cleaners with chopped green ones dusted on top to make a "grass" roof and comfy seat for the white-winged angel.  You have to hold up your own star though.  Can you find it?  Hint:  I think it is a red dwarf star.

Baby Jesus reclines here in his gumdrop/toothpick manger.
Gumdrops and toothpicks made a nice structure but it was too squooshy to survive long.  Being edible shortened its lifespan too.  :)  There is a star, donkey, sheep and camel at the bottom of the picture.

This pipe cleaner nativity includes a deer (yellow antlers) in case St. Joseph wants to go hunting later.