"When you begin to study, look up to him and think:   'O Lord, how worthless this knowledge would be, if it were not for the enlightening of my mind for thy service, or for making me more useful to my fellow men.' "
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

(stained glass window from St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral, La Crosse, WI)

Homeschool Conferences

  West Central Wisconsin Catholic
 Homeschool Groups 

 First Friday is a special time for homeschoolers to gather in Cook's Valley.

You will find homeschoolers gathered every First Friday, year-round, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Cook's Valley.  For more information contact Fran at

Interested in joining other Catholic homeschoolers in Menomonie?  Contact Mary at 715/232-8987.

Spring Valley/Elmwood:
Contact Laura at 715/772-4452.  

West Central Wisconsin: 

Holy Family TORCH of Wisconsin....Traditions of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers (TORCH) is an association of lay faithful established to promote and support homeschooling among families who are engaged in providing their children's primary education at home. TORCH membership is open to all Christian denominations and  non-homeschooling families are welcomed to join so that they can participate in any of our activities on non-school days, evenings, or weekends. TORCH members are from the New Richmond, Somerset, Roberts, Amery, Houlton, Osceola, Hudson and surrounding communities.  The group acts as a network and provides support through Mothers & Wives Fellowship Meetings, the study of the TOGETHER (Familiaris Consortio) program, Little Flowers Girls Club and a variety of other children’s activities and family events.  For more information contact Jeanne at or Karin at

Chippewa Valley Homeschoolers - This is an email forum for Christian homeschoolers in the geographic area centered around Eau Claire.  There is a special list just for Catholic homeschoolers to share items of interest among themselves, however, lots of great information about local events, co-ops and groups is shared over the general list as well. You must be a member to access the site and receive emails.  To join, contact Denise Wood at

Homeschooling - the lighter side
Your Pix
Remember Why Johnny Can't Read?  This picture I call
"Why Rachel Can't Read" (giggle) 

This is apparently a common homeschooling challenge. 

Here is a somewhat more cooperative little brother.  The rabbit even holds the music open.  All is calm and peaceful in homeschool land today.
We're pretty darn close to the center of not one, but TWO hemispheres in west central Wisconsin.  Check out Joyce's Collection of Misplaced Geographic Markers 
at WCWCatholic's 

(OK, it is a bit of a digression but everyone's got to have a hobby, right?)