Missing Mass

West Central Wisconsin is blessed with wonderful summers (which seem more wonderful after our lengthy winters).  Once the ice melts it is hard to keep the locals at home on weekends.  So many places to go and days to enjoy . . . missing Mass seems like a really big issue around here. (See article below.)

Missing Mass Tools For You
If you know in advance that you are going to be out of town, check out 
to see if there is a Mass you can attend at your destination.  Its a good idea to confirm the specifics with the church before you go because some of their information is understandably out of date.
If you really can't make it for illness, or whatever reason, the next best thing is to participate in Mass from home. [Below, Father Mike suggests asking your priest in advance for a dispensation if you know you will be unable to attend due to travel.]

Televised Masses:
Eau Claire (WQOW), Channel 18, at 9:30 am Sunday
Diocese of La Crosse - more televised Masses listed

Online Mass:

In this self-portrait entitiled "Anticipation" Jeff Gardner demonstrates what you should do if you miss Mass without a good reason.

Sunday Evening Masses
 in West Central Wisconsin
(great for weekend travellers): 
Chippewa Falls - Notre Dame - 7 PM
Eau Claire UWEC Newman Community - 5:30 during the school year
Menomonie - St. Joseph Catholic Church for UW-Stout Campus Ministry - 7 PM during the school year

Sunday  Evening Masses
 over the MN border: 
Stillwater, MN - St. Mary - 6 PM
Woodbury, MN - St. Ambrose - 5 PM