La Crosse

La Crosse as seen from Grandad Bluff.  Note the big blue bridge over the Mississippi, most of what you see beyond that is Minnesota.  To the back far left somewhere is Iowa (which looks, from this viewpoint, very much like Minnesota).  Also note the tall, white spire of St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral (center). This Mother Church for the La Crosse Diocese is one landmark that is hard to miss when you drive around the city.

 Here we share pictures from our family road trip to the heart of the Diocese of La Crosse.
March, 2010 

Things We Did and Saw
in La Crosse
Catholic Things

St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral was a great place to visit!  They have some stained glass windows depicting Wisconsin Catholic History.  I made a special webpage just for them.  If the kids get bored in the cathedral have them try to find the stained glass window with a badger in it.  

(Travel hint:  The cathedral is right next door to La Crosse's children's museum.)


Don't forget to go downstairs in the main church to see the original paintings of three local heros:  Baraga, Casey and Mazzuchelli.   You can view pictures of the paintings at the WCWCatholic Local Heros page.

 Nature Things

Bald Eagles resting on the melting ice

Mississippi River Bridge

Our family had a particularly good time at
Not much was blooming in March but our family had a great time on the walkways anyway.  

 Traveler's Tips
1.  March in La Crosse is nippy so if you want to see the eagles, wear your "woolies".

2.  St. Rose Convent is supposed to be beautiful to visit but hours for tours are limited so call ahead or you might be taking pictures of a locked front door like us.  608/784-2288. 

3.  Grandad Bluff was a great site to see for those in our family who are not scared of heights.  The car trip to the top of the bluff is slow and not a sheer drop (lots of trees to stop you if you stray from the road) but was still too much for some of us.
Interestingly, this marker up there says it is the site of the "first complete service of Christian divine worship to be conducted in La Crosse." 

4.  There were some minor parking problems involving Hiawatha just down the road from the friendship gardens.
Good thing that wasn't our van or I would have been REALLY mad!)