St. Paul Cathedral


The Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, MN stands very close to the state capital building.  My hubby wondered which had the bigger dome.  (view of the capital - bottom and cathedral top)

This statue of Mary and Jesus is placed between statues of Ann and Joachim (not shown)  It was great being able to show my kids Jesus' grandparents!

The statues were some of my favorite things to see at the cathedral.  Below is St. Joseph. 

Above you will see my girls standing next to a small plaque on the wall.  The inscription reads,

 "This stone from the castle of Rouen, France, where Joan of Arc was prisoner.  A.D. 1431."  

You can go right up and touch it.  The girls thought that was really cool.  The stone is easy to miss when you visit.  It is by the statue of St. Therese in the statue walk behind the altar.
I really liked this picture of St. Paul.  It was explained to me that the sword is a symbol of him both because of his eloquence in preaching the Word of God, and his death.   
You will also be amazed by the beauty of the altar.  I didn't get any pictures of that though.
Keep on road tripping!
April, 2009