Making Rosaries

Making mission rosaries (rosaries to give away) is inexpensive and a great fellowship project for all ages able to string a bead without eating it.   :)  

As of 5/31/2019 the only rosary-making guilds known to WCWCatholic meet at St. Luke's in Boyceville and Sacred Heart in Spring Valley.

Rosary-making is often featured at the St. Joseph/Menomonie Fall Festival.

Boys can do it too!

Where to Buy Rosary-Making Supplies

Everything you need can be purchased at Our Lady's Rosary Makers out of Kentucky.

The equipment for all-knot rosaries can be purchased locally from Illuminated Ink, a Catholic mail-order business in Colfax (picture below.)

How to Make a Rosary Sandwich
How to  Make a Rosary Sandwich (above)  is a guide I made to help our youngsters remember how to pray the rosary. Feel free to copy and use it freely (for good and not evil).

Praying the Rosary

Homeschoolers at an outdoor rosary-walk

She is praying for her spiritually adopted baby.