TD Extras

Sam's Hair

"A long time ago, these 5 heroes began their journey into the battle against hell, The legendary and mighty Pat, through his years and years of battle and strife he has come from the Germanic rebellion against oppressive pagans (at the time) Rome, to battle with the drums. Samuel, many many generations of man have tried to find a way to fight evil with good hair...Sam has perfected it. The gates of hell stand no chance against TD, when Sam has hair that darn good. His intricate hand movements allow him to play the keys like no other...Bach is jealous. Tyler, powerful shogun, proud and strong samurai warrior fights alongside his brothers in the race for freedom, he leads the way with his vocal ability and his antics. Andrew, a warrior descended from mighty Hercules himself, never runs, never backs down from a challenge and he wields any weapon with grace and power, his weapon of choice? the electric bass. Jon, a Scottish rebel who fights alongside William Wallace, his spellbinding words are always regarded as the confusing kind, but often deep, he doesn't play the guitar for TD. it plays him. Together these, the warriors of God, through their music, redundant jokes, and misleading dance skills are yours, always and forever."                                   author, “Jon Kircher”

Picture Attempt